Here's the latest news for Karen Fayeth:

February 2023

Karen was delighted to become part of the Chicken Soup for the Soul family of writers. Her story "Status Report" about her fiesty little cat was included in the book Chicken Soup for the Soul: Lessons Learned from my Cat.

The book is available from the Chicken Soup website, from Amazon, and in bookstores everywhere.

September 2022

As part of its 50th Anniversary celebrations, Bay Area Rapid Tranist (BART) held its first ever writing contest, called BART Lines.

Karen's story "Swim, Swam, Swan" was selected as one of thirty finalists who, in addition to a cash prize, have their story loaded and available on the Short Edition story dispensers found in BART stations around the Bay Area.

This is an incredible honor and Karen is very excited to announce that in addition to the shory story dispensers in the Bay Area, Short Edition pushed her story out to all of their dispensers worldwide.

The story can also be found on the Short Edition website, here is the link: Swim, Swam, Swan

March 2022

Karen has been shopping a little spy short story for a while and is delighted that "The Blue Pony" found a home with a powerful literary magazine in her homestate of New Mexico. Karen is grateful to the editors of Chapter House Journal, a literary journal published by the Institute of American Indian Arts.

December 2021

It was a year from acceptance to publishing, a beautiful wait. Now Karen is delighted to announce that her story "The Violin, The Lion, and the Truth" has been published in Evening Street Review #32. It can be read on Kindle and Google Play.


May 2021

Karen had a wonderfully unique experience with Grub Street Literary Magazine. Not only did she work with world class editors to publish her story Always, she also had the chance to include an audio reading of her story. Yep, that's Karen's voice!

Check out both the text and the audio here:


October 2020

In the midst of these strange pandemic days, supporting the arts and artists is as important as ever.

Finding creativity with so much going on can be a challenge. Karen has certainly been struggling with creativity and writing new work, but in the spirit of normalization, she has kept up with submitting her stories.

It is our great pleasure to share her story "Possibilities. And Turtles," which recently found a home in Bindweed Magazine.

Read the story here:


June 2020

Karen's short story collection, "A Delicate Pain" was selected as a semifinalist in the Sundress Publications 2020 Prose Open Reading Period.

Karen is incredibly grateful to the editors at Sundress Publications and looks forward to finding a home for this exciting new collection.


February 2020

To celebrate love, Columbia Journal's 2020 Valentines Day edition included Karen's nerdy little love story titled "Pink Salt,"

Read the story here:


January 2020

Karen's Story "Straw Men" was published in Digitial Issue #6 of Headway Quarterly. This story had been shopped around for almost a decade and finally found its perfect home. Karen is excited to share this story with you.

Read the story here:

Winter 2019

In response to a contest prompt for Political Satire (and Karen's not much into politics), Karen had a lot of fun writing "From Aardvark to Zymurgy," which has now been published in the Fall/Winter 2019 issue of Glint Literary Journal.

Read the story here:

Spring 2019

Getting a little creepy, Karen takes a turn for the weird in The Housewarming Gift, which can be found in the print of edition of The Offbeat literary journal.

Read the story here:

May 2019

Karen is proud to be a part of the 2019 Localvision photography show with some local street photography in black and white.

The photo captures the anual tree lighting event in the small Northern California town of Kensington.

The Localvision exhibition is on display from May through the end of July.

February 2019

Memories of growing up in New Mexico are a big part of Karen's work, and she's excited to share that her essay titled "In The Flow," which is about the early days of the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, has been published in a new literary journal called The Story Pub.

Read the short essay here:

November 2018

Karen's jaunty story of the sea titled "The Good Buoy" has found a happy home in Switchback Journal.

Read the story here:

September 2018

Karen is honored that her story Holy Water was included in Steadfast Trekkers: A Lowestoft Chronicle Anthology.

The book is available where most books are sold including Alibris, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.

June 2018

Karen is incredibly excited to annouce that her photo titled "Bendecida" has been included in an Exhibit and Silent Auction in Celebration of the Life of Al Weber, who was not only an internationally recognized photographer and teacher, but also a long time advocate of the preservation of California's Missions.

This exhibtion of work is intended to raise funds for the retrofit of Mission San Juan Bautista, and is on display through September 2018.

June 2018

Karen's baseball story, a light bit of historial fiction called "The Dilemma," was published in Issue 13 of SLAB Literary Magazine.

Read the story here:

May 2018

Karen's contribution to the 2018 Localvision annual photography show is something a little different and a lot fun.

Once again taking on the challenge of the theme of "water" Karen had a little fun with a beautiful champagne glass found at a local salvage yard.

"Splish" is a great contrast of the crytal clear focus on the glass and the soft movement of the water. It was a fun and messy shoot.

The Localvision show is on display through July 29, 2018 at the gallery at the Redwood Shores Public Library.

April 2018

Karen's first foray into the fantasy genre, a short story named "Taboo," has found a happy home in the Winter/Spring 2018 issue of Gloom Cupboard, a wonderful well established online litzine.

Read the story here:

November 2017

Karen's sci-fi short story "Human Sounds" is published in Existere, Journal of Arts and Literature, from York University in Toronto, Canada.

Read the story here:

September 2017

Karen's slightly creepy short story "Bugging Out" is published in The Penman Review.

Read the story here:

May 2017

2017 marks Karen's sixth time participating in the Localvision annual photography show.

Her photo "Agua con Burbujas" is her take on a photography club's montly theme of "water." Most of the photographers presented idylic landscapes with lakes and oceans, so of course Karen took her photo a different way.

Her "Agua con Burbujas" continues her study of photographing everyday objects in uncommon ways.

The Localvision show is on display now through June 30, 2017 at the gallery at the Redwood Shores Public Library.

April 2017

Karen's short story "Raspberry Vanilla Zephyr" is published in Hawai'i Pacific Review.

Read the story here:

March 2017

Karen's short story "Turning Time" is published in Volume 2, Number 3, the March 2017 issue of Drunk Monkeys.

Read the story here:

Local Vision Gallery Show

Karen has returned to the Localvision annual photography show with her photo After Party on display now through August 2016.

This photo is the culmination of several attempts at a different sort of holiday photo. Karen says this photo was a lot of fun to set up but a lot less fun to clean up. The photo is on display at the gallery at the Redwood Shores, California Public Library

November 2015

Karen's short story "The Seal" (formerly titled "Family Harmony"> is published in the November - December 2015 issue of Ragazine.cc, The Global Online Magazine of Arts, Information & Entertainment.

Read the story here:

October 2015

Karen's short story "When Opportunity Knocks You Down" is published in the 2015 issue of The Griffin Literary Journal.

Read the story here:

June 2015

Karen's short story "Sangre del Toro" is published in the Spring 2015 issue of Jet Fuel Review, a high octaine literary journal.

Read the story here:

June 2014

Karen's short essay "Mariachi's On The Side" is published in The Tower Journal literary magazine.

Read the essay here:

May 2014

Karen's photo Garage Rose is on display through July as part of the Localvision 2014 photography show.

This photo, taken with an iPhone, is Karen's first serious work in black and white, and captures a forgotten flower in a parking garage. The flower was found and not placed. This photo is on display at the gallery at the Redwood Shores, California public library

October 2013

Karen's short story "What Liebniz Never Learned" is published in The Storyteller literary magazine.

Read the story here:

May 2013

Karen's fiction short story "Quick Quick, Slow" is published in the May 2013 edition of Foliate Oak literary magazine. Read the story here:

May 2013

Karen's photo #18 is on display through August as part of the Localvision 2013 photography show.

This photo is part of Karen's continuing study of everyday objects as art. This photo is on display at the gallery at the Redwood Shores, California public library

February 2013

Karen's mixed media art piece "Resilient" is on display as part of the "Show The Love" gallery exhibit at the Redwood Shores Public Library, February 1 through March 1.

The "Show The Love" exhibit is intended not only to celebrate Valentine's Day, but to bring love and healing to the walls of the gallery in the wake of recent tragedies including Sandy Hook, Colorado and Oregon.

Karen's piece is quiet and simple, yet speaks volumes about the resiliance and tenacity of the human spirit. Crafted from start to finish over the course of just 48 hours (in between the hours spent at a full time job), Karen says, "There is a lot of me in that canvas."

December 2012

Karen's essay "Merit Badge" is published in Wild Violet Literary Magazine.

Read it here.

May 2012

Karen's photo "Utility" is on display now as part of the Localvision 2012 photography show.

Taken with an iPhone4s and the Hipstamatic application, this photo was inspired by Walker Evans' extensive collection of SX-70 Polaroid photos from the early 1970's.

October 2011

Karen's article titled "Whoa, Nellie!" featuring Nellie's Cafe in Las Cruces, New Mexico is included in the October 2011 New Mexico Magazine.

Read the article.

September 2011

Karen's article titled "Outings: Las Cruces, Renaissance Theater" featuring the Rio Grande Theatre in Las Cruces, New Mexico is included in the September 2011 New Mexico Magazine.

Read the article.

Or see the article at the magazine's website: click here.

Karen is also featured in the Storytellers section of the print edition.

June 2011

Karen's Living New Mexican article titled "Mission Accomplished" featuring Ardovino's Desert Crossing in Sunland Park, New Mexico is included in the June 2011 "Going Places" section of New Mexico Magazine.

Read the article.

June 2011

Karen's short story "The Broken One" was awarded first place at the 2011 San Mateo County Fair.

May 2011

Karen's photo, "Bromance" was featured on Intentional Talk hosted by Chris Rose and Kevin Millar on MLB TV.

Now That's Bromance

Local Vision Gallery Show

Karen's photo "Benito Fish" is a part of the 2011 Localvision group photography show at the Redwood Shores public library. Show runs May 1st through July 31st.

Benito Fish